The International Palette

Aristech Surfaces LLC is introducing a new International Palette of Avonite® solid surface designs. This new palette was created with several goals in mind.  Click here to learn more>>

2015 Design Guide

the Avonite® 2015 Design Guide is now available for download or order.

The 2015 Design Guide explains and illustrates some of the unique features and benefits of Avonite® solid surface sheet and provides stunning photographs of the broad variety of applications for Avonite® material across multiple industries and segments ranging from Healthcare and Education facilities to Restaurants and RVs.

Click here to download PDF (9MB) or contact us to request a copy.


  • Avonite Inc. entered the market in 1983 and introduced the concept of vivid colors and textural depth to the solid surface industry.
  • In the ensuing years, Avonite defended its patent 5 times in court as a host of imitators entered the marketplace.
  • In 1988 Aristech Chemical Corporation entered into an equal partnership with the upstart Avonite and the construction of a modern production plant in Belen ensued.
  • Mitsubishi Corp. acquired Aristech Chemical in 1990 and eventually merged Avonite and Aristech in 2003.


  • Extensive North American manufacturing infrastructure.
  • Only supplier with both acrylic and polyester solid surface manufacturing capabilities.
  • Only significant producer of wide solid surface acrylic sheet and only producer with Right-Size capabilities.

Aristech Surfaces LLC currently markets two types of Avonite® solid surface products:

  • Studio Collection®: The original and unique aesthetics, the production process with open mold technology in Belen, NM USA.
  • Avonite® 100% Acrylic Solid Surface: produced on the wide belts in Florence, KY USA.

The Company has strong, long-standing relationships with the largest manufacturers and distributors of solid surface product along with fabricators, designers and architects worldwide.

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